You’re a badass designer.

Clients seek you out. You should be living the dream. Instead, you’re spending hours trying to solve technical problems, and it’s preventing you from doing what you love.

  • You want to scale your business, but are spread too thin.

  • You want to work fewer hours, but feel overwhelmed with client projects.

  • You want to be seen as a strategic designer, but feel stuck at a plateau.

  • You want to charge more, but are unsure how to provide solutions to complex client challenges.

You’ve tried working with developers, but they miss the details. Instead, you do everything yourself, but it isn’t working.

Christine Thatcher

I partnered with Jennifer because she finds innovative solutions that address complex client challenges. I trust her to execute every detail of my vision. Working with Jennifer allows me to focus on the client relationship. Now, I can relax and I have the freedom to fully put my attention into the design solution because I don’t have to worry about the implementation.

Christine Thatcher, Christine Marie Studio

Step into the role of strategic designer!

What if you had a partner? You need a developer who is as detail-focused as you are. Someone who will really listen and understand your vision. My knowledge and experience provides technical solutions so that you can be a rockstar to your clients.

Attract high-end

Together, we’ll create sites that exceed expectations.

Double your

Free yourself from the time-suck of development.

Focus on what
you love

I will find the right solutions for your complex projects.