Tired of trying to keep up with the legalities of privacy policies? Termageddon is a Privacy Policy tool and their team monitors privacy laws for you and can automatically update your policy when the laws change. This is a great way to help you stay up to date and compliant with privacy laws, helping you avoid privacy-related fines and lawsuits. Good news, this is included in my maintenance plans!

Since a lot of business is being done over computers or phones, there are a lot more distractions to worry about. Krisp helps to cancel out background noise so your calls are more clear.

A lot of business is being done via teleconference now and we’re on video more than ever. ManyCam allows you to adjust camera color, add graphics, set up different angles and more. Definitely check it out for your next zoom meeting.

Christine at Designing to Delight shares SO MUCH useful information. She offers courses on developing a workflow, how to lead your client through a web project, and the fundamentals of web design. Plus, there is a ton of useful information in her blog on things like how to price yourself, how to scale your business, copywriting, and more.

Not only is Barb someone you should be hiring for your SEO, she regularly shares easy to follow information on how to best optimize your site. Check out her DIY SEO courses!

I personally find browser tabs overwhelming. When I have a lot open, it can make it difficult for me to find things I need regularly. This is why I usually prefer web apps and use them for things like ClickUp, Gmail and Google Calendar. But, sometimes things (like Dubsado) don’t have their own app. Applicationize can turn any web app into a desktop app making it easier to access what you need without the distraction of 100 browser tabs.

Gusto makes it super easy for me to run payroll (even though it’s just me, I’ve filed as an S-Corp). They take care of all of the paperwork and keep everything on the up-and-up! Definitely worth looking into if you have payroll needs.

Streak CRM is a great extension that lets you manage leads and pipelines directly in Gmail. See all of your emails with specific people and when emails have been viewed.

Loom is a great tool for professionals who need to show clients how to perform tasks. While in the browser, hit record and let Loom take care of the rest. Record tutorials with or without audio and you can even show yourself on-screen during the tutorial. It’s also great for recording webinars!

I’ve tried so many project management systems and ClickUp is hands down my favorite. Not only does it offer a ton of features, but it’s also extremely customizable. Some of my favorite features are customizable views/statuses, document embedding, guest users, time-tracking, and easy integration with Gmail for creating tasks. The paid version is only $9/user, but most organizations just need the free version.