Caffeinated Happiness no.3

I spend a lot of time searching the web to find things that make my life easier, personally and professionally. Nothing makes me happier than finding that something and sharing it. Check out some of the awesome things I’ve come across!

Caffeinated Happiness no.3 | Caffeinated Web Studio

1. Honey*

Honey is an amazing tool that helps you save money! Who doesn’t like that? When you shop online Honey will find promo codes for that site and run them for you finding the best deal.

2. Loom*

Loom is a great FREE tool for professionals who need to show clients how to perform tasks. While in the browser, hit record and let Loom take care of the rest. Record tutorials with or without audio and you can even show yourself on screen during the tutorial.

3. Font Base

If you’re anything like me you have a slight font addiction. But, scrolling through hundreds of fonts in Illustrator can be time-consuming and frustrating. Font Base is here for you. It lets you sort fonts into collections, folders, favorites and preview the font as well. It’s available free for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

4. Prism

I am THE WORST at keeping track of when bills are due. Or, I was. Not anymore! Prism lets you add your bills by adding accounts through logins or manually and adds them to a calendar as they come in. I get reminders of when things are due and can pay them through the app. YES!

5. 1Password

First off, everything has a password these days. Then, you’re supposed to have a unique password for each thing. And to make life even crazier, you’re supposed to memorize them all. HAHA, yeah right. 1Password has been a lifesaver. I keep all of my passwords in it can easily access them from my iPhone app or the browser extension. And now, I never worry about forgetting that unique 14 digit password that has to have a letter, number, special character and jazz hands, HA. SO EASY!

*Full Disclosure: this is an affiliate link.

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