The Project

Closed Loop Cooking is a fantastic platform that provides information on sustainable, low-waste cooking and living. Hawnuh, the designer and site owner, is an amazing illustrator so she wanted to incorporate her illustrations into the site giving it a fun, vintage cookbook vibe.

On this site, I wanted to make sure that it would be very easy to add new content. I set up several templates for different kinds of content that could all be managed from the back-end.

On the previous site, recipes were managed with a plugin. It lacked a lot of design options and some functionality wasn't available without a subscription that included a lot of unnecessary functionality. Instead, I created custom fields that would create the exact recipe view Hawnuh wanted while still being SEO friendly and able to generate rich pins on Pinterest.

Designed By

Hannah Cook | Hawnuh Lee Studio


  • Custom recipe page that is able to create rich pins
  • Integration of illustrations with animations
  • Custom post types for different types of content