Development Project

Whole Family Rhythms

The Project

This was a fun project to work on with Christine. A site already existed for Whole Family Rhythms, but it was time for an upgrade.

Since there is a team that maintains this site, I made sure that everything could be easily managed and created custom templates for a lot of the content.

Since the old site was still live — and taking purchases — while this one was being built, everything had to be migrated before launch. We ran into some complications with conflicting post ids but were able to solve the issue by serializing all of the orders and then using a plugin to import and export all order data.

Designed By

Christine Marie Studio | Christine Marie Studio


  • Custom Product Page
  • Easy to manage affiliate library
  • Templates for sales page creation
  • Easy to manage opt-in pages

I partnered with Jennifer because she finds innovative solutions that address complex client challenges. I trust her to execute every detail of my vision. Working with Jennifer allows me to focus on the client relationship. Now, I can relax and I have the freedom to fully put my attention into the design solution because I don't have to worry about the implementation.

Christine Marie Studio

Christine Marie Studio