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Creating Your Social Media Strategy

When it comes to Social Media there are so many different channels to keep updated it can seem overwhelming. Having a Social Media Strategy is a great way to stay on top of things.

Where Do I Post?

Consider the type of content you’ll be sharing. Is your content mostly visual, or do you share a lot of blog posts and articles?

If you’re selling handmade jewelry, for instance, you’ll want to showcase your pieces. Twitter’s fast-paced newsfeed may not be the best place for you to focus on. Instead, focus on Instagram and Pinterest where images are key!

However, if you’re a PR guru, you’ll want to be where all the news outlets are. Twitter is a great fit for you where Pinterest may not generate the leads you’re looking for.

What Do I Post?

Think about your customer base and what they’d like to see from you. For example, a photographer might share a sneak peek of their latest photoshoots or a non-profit may share an article that ties to their initiative.

Don’t forget, not everyone sees everything. It’s ok to repost the same thing as long as you change up the delivery. Also, not everything has to be serious, have fun with your content and engage with your audience.

When Do I Post?

It’s good to have something out there every day, but instead of overwhelming yourself, pick one or two channels a day to focus on. Keep in mind when people are on social media though, just because you have time to post at 9:00 pm doesn’t mean anyone is looking. There are great services out there like Hootsuite and SproutSocial that let you schedule out your content in advance.

But when are they looking? QuickSprout has a great infographic with information on the best times to post.

Need help getting organized?

Download the Social Media Strategy Planner to help you get started!

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