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Do I Need a Website?

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself if you should even bother with a website. The short answer; yes, you should! But do short answers ever change your mind? Probably not. So let’s look at why you need a website.

Your customers are looking for you online!

Let’s say you’ve just heard of a fantastic new place or product. What’s the first thing you do? That’s right. Google it. Your customers and clients should be able to get the information they want quickly and easily from your site.

Your competition has a website.

At the same time, if you google something and find nothing, what do you do next? Find something similar that does have a site.

It’s a powerful marketing tool.

A properly optimized website is your business’s best asset. Not only can you use it to announce sales, specials, and new products or services; you can also see exactly what your customers are up to on your site. Customers make decisions on purchases based on who comes to mind first. A website gives you that opportunity every day of the year.

Have you ever looked a product, decided against the purchase for the moment and then two days later saw it while you were reading an article? That’s digital marketing at it’s finest, and it wouldn’t be possible without a website.

It’s available 24/7.

Your website gives customers a way to interact with you, even when you aren’t available to interact with them. They can purchase your products, browse your menu or check out your portfolio. You’ve just made a sale and didn’t even have to do anything extra!

It makes you look legit.

Your website adds a layer of credibility to your business. People want to be able to research a product or service before making a purchase. They want to know how much it’s going to be, what all the options are and whether or not other people like it. Make sure they are getting all of that information from you, on your website.

You own it!

I once heard someone say they don’t need a website because they have Facebook. My head almost exploded. Not only is Facebook not an ideal way to present information, but with the algorithms of Facebook constantly changing the chances of someone seeing what you want them to are so slim.

A website lets you show information in a way that works best for your business and that content belongs to you! Besides, what happens to your business if Facebook ever goes the way of MySpace…

Are you ready to take the next step? Let’s grab coffee and chat about what your website can do for you!

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