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Caffeinated Happiness no.2

I spend a lot of time searching the web to find things that make my life easier, personally and professionally. Nothing makes me happier than finding that something and sharing it. Check out some of the awesome things I’ve come across!

Caffeinated Happiness from Jennifer at Caffeinated Web Studio

1. Trello*

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what Trello is, but I just love it! It makes it super easy to collaborate with people I’m working on projects with and keep my life running smoothly. I took a course, Trello for Business, and it was seriously SO HELPFUL!

2. #HashMe

Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right hashtags for your Instagram photo. And, for SEO purposes, you should have about 30 per post. WHAT?! I know. But, #HashMe is here to help! Just put in a hashtag you want to use and it’ll suggest 60 more for you to use. Just choose the ones you want. Copy. Paste. Done.

3. is an AMAZING platform that you can learn just about anything on. However, it can be pretty pricy with plans starting at $19.99 a month. But guess what… chances are your local library offers it to you with just your library card!

4. Hopper

Hopper is a pretty nifty little app that helps you find the lowest airfare for your next trip. Just enter where you’re coming from, where you’re going and when you want to go. It will then show you the cheapest fares and notify you when they change.

5. Page Ruler

Trying to find out how big something is on the web? Page Ruler is a chrome extension that measures everything for you. You can get the measurements by dragging your mouse or by selecting elements. Now you won’t have to inspect elements or save images to find out what size they are!

*Full Disclosure: this is an affiliate link.

Have a problem you’re searching for a solution to or know of something awesome that can help people out?

2 thoughts on “Caffeinated Happiness no.2”

  1. I need to try #Hashme! Thank you for sharing that one! Trello is a great tool and I know it can do so much more than I am currently using it for. Less lists around!


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